How we Price our Pergolas

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How we Price our Pergolas!

When we place an ad on our website or social media pages, we are often asked “How much?”. We typically inform the person who posted the question that we will contact them privately. Unfortunately, most viewers don’t like this answer, thinking that we are trying to keep our prices secret. But this is not the case! To avoid upsetting our viewers, we decided to post this explanation of why we are not able to simply post prices online.

So, what affects the price of a pergola?

Before we tell you exactly what affects the price, we want you to know that our ultimate objective is to provide you with a product at the highest quality possible, at the lowest price possible. We simply believe that this how we will win your business! So here are a few factors that affect the pricing of our custom pergolas:


The dimensions if the pergola make a big difference in price. Simply because the dimensions not only affect the amount of material used, but also the utilization of material. Here is an example:

  • A 3m X 3m pergola, which is a 9 Sq.M area, could cost much less than a 3.5m X 2.5m, which is 8.75 Sq.M area. Because the material selected is sold only at 6M length, so we will end up using only 3.5M from the 6M long material. While we do our best to maximize material utilization by making size adjustments when possible, in many cases, our customers dictate the dimensions they want and do not have flexibility to make such changes.


The location of pergola installation could add up to 5000 EGP to the cost! So, for a 10 Sq.M pergola, this would be an additional 500 EGP/Sq.M. So when we are asked, how much per Sq.M.

Installation Ground:

Every installation ground is made of different material, so installing in natural dirt is different from marble, granite, thin concrete, and thick concrete. Preparing the ground for the installation may require pouring concrete blocks in the ground, which could change the cost.

Number of posts:

The number of posts used will be dictated by the unique dimensions the customer has. For some designs, a pergola may need only 2 posts, while in others, it may require up to 8 posts. The cost doesn’t simply change with the number of square meters of the pergola’s area, it’s really unique to each customer’s circumastance.

And many more:

Selected paint type, power outlets, USB charging ports, ceiling fan, additional sealing, including privacy panel

Feel free to message or call us with some information about your desired pergola, and we will happily give you a no-obligation rough estimate. (no site visit needed)


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