Why Choose Aluminum vs. Wood Pergola?

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“Why Aluminum?” is one of the most common questions that we get asked by our customers. In this article, we share a comparison between Wood and Aluminum Pergolas, to help you decide what is best for your home. 

Aluminum Pergola
Aluminum Pergola with Wood Effect Paint

Pergolas and patio covers have been reliable sources of shade and decoration for decades. No backyard or house outdoor space is complete without one. Providing a central location for family and friends to gather. Or for homeowners to relax under a nice shade, enjoying a beautiful breeze. 

For many years, wood has been the dominant material used for Pergolas. Being sturdy and easily customizable, wood serves as a decent material for pergolas. But not all wood created equal. Using cheap wood for pergolas, may result in undesirable effects within a few years, or even months. Also, if not properly treated and sealed before painting, it may suffer peeling and require frequent repainting and maintenance. 

With the advanced technologies in extrusion, cutting, welding and painting, Aluminum has become a strong competitor to wood when it comes to Pergolas. Especially that nowadays, Aluminum pergolas can be painted with wood colors and even texture, giving the aluminum structure the beauty and elegance of wood, with the sturdiness of long-life properties of aluminum. 


Why we Prefer Aluminum Pergolas over Wood:

1- Weather Resistance

Aluminum has excellent weather resistance when compared to wood. It can withstand fluctuating temperatures, corrosive salt in coastal environment, moisture and rain. 

Wood reacts differently to weather conditions. If not well treated and perfectly sealed, it is often prone to several types of damage such as rotting, pain peeling and sagging (deflection). 


2- Easy to clean

Thanks to its excellent water and corrosion resistance, aluminum pergolas are extremely easy to clean. A sponge with water and soap, a pressure water hose or even a garden hose can often do the trick. 

3- Accessories versatility

Aluminum pergolas are built using hollow aluminum sections, allowing for electrical harnesses and connections to be routed through your pergola, and giving you a wide range of possibilities for accessories, without the undesirable look of external connections. Adding power outlets, lights, USB charging ports, ceiling fans, are all possible accessories that can be added to aluminum pergolas. 

4- Design versatility

With Aluminum – and steel for this matter, designers are able to come up with creative features that adds to the versatility of your pergola. Sliding glass tops, sliding fabric tops, rotating louver blades…etc. Aluminum, and metal in general, enables the designer and manufacturer to include moving mechanisms that allow for much better functionality of your pergola. 

5- Low maintenance and cost of ownership

Aluminum pergolas require minimum to no maintenance, besides regular cleaning. The powder coating paint and corrosion resistance properties of aluminum, make it extremely rare that the pergola owner will even need to paint or touch up the pergola. So, while aluminum pergolas are pricier than wood, on the long run, an aluminum pergola is almost always going to cost much less than a wood pergola.

Aluminum Pergola with embedded spot lights

6- Ease of repair

In the rare occasion that an aluminum pergola may need a repair, it is normally a much easier and simpler process than repairing a wood pergola. Since the parts of aluminum pergolas are normally connected using bolts, nuts and plates, replacing a defective or damaged part is often much easier than repairing a damaged wood pergola. 


7- Durability

For many of the reasons listed above, an aluminum pergola could last a lot longer than a wood pergola, making for a much higher return on investment than in wood pergolas. 

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